With exams now over, for most of us, summer is well and truly here. Long nights, heading to the beach, festivals with your mates, heading away with the gang on your first proper holiday. So what else happens in the remainder of those three glorious months off. Here at Oxygen.ie we’ve narrowed it down to five things that happen when you move home for the summer.

1) The Time-Nap Complex:

It happens to the best of us, somehow your powernap turned into a full on four hour snooze and now you’re waking up and emerging from your room, wrapped in your duvet searching for food like a modern day hunter gatherer. Unsure of what day, date and time it is, you enter a phase where you’re somewhere between the end of may and the June bank holiday weekend.

2) The Late Night Trips For Food:

Maybe its just me, but going for McDonalds at half eleven on a Tuesday isn’t out of the ordinary. Whether its going for fast food, or hitting up the supermarket for midnight movie snacks, the modern day college student can be seen scouring the isles in search of icecream, popcorn, chocolate and more. Dressed in tracksuit bottoms, a baggy hoodie, and some rather questionable footwear, sporting messy buns, and bare faced looks.

3) Improving Standard Of Health:

One major noteworthy change, you are no longer dying from the freshers flu you’ve had since September. Real food, access to hot showers, exercise and medicine mean you’ll no longer die after a night out with access to all the above readily available and at your disposal. Also when you move home if you are feeling sick, mammy is on call with lemsips and flat 7up at the ready, with a hot water bottle and toast too. Unlike in college where the bread has probably gone mouldy, isn’t there, or you can’t afford it.

4) You’ll Make Any Excuse For A Sesh:

One of your old friends from school is heading on a J-1, well then of course you have to send them of in style, you won’t see them for months (It’s not like the last time you saw them was at your debs or anything). There’s always a 21st, it’s usually a cousin of a friend you kinda, sort of know. Or there’s a big game, GAA, rugby or soccer, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re rooting for the boys in green right? Or maybe it’s just a quiet Wednesday night and you decide to round up the gang just to have a few ‘quiet’ ones, which turns into heading to town and being the only ones under 30 in the club but hey, any excuse for a sesh right?

5) Welcome Back To Your 9-5:

Most students come home to part-time summer jobs, once the glow of that first week of summer wears off, it’s uniforms, aprons, black shoes and getting up at the crack of dawn. For those out there working in waitressing, like myself, the struggle of having split shifts becomes all too real. Naps become your best friend, you end up spending most of your time driving to and from work, working and sleeping and you’re never really sure what day it is so you consult the roster just to be sure. But at least it pays, and funds all those new clothes, nights out, holidays and helps with the college expenses, like going out, buying drink, chicken fillet rolls and of course, essential in college, pasta and noodles.

There you have it guys, five things that happen when you move home for the summer, if you’ve got more to add to the list please leave your five in the comments below or on our facebook page. If you want to read more from yours truly, check out my blog West Coast Style.

Aileen O’Leary