With the Election in the UK looming, it can often be quite daunting to think about all the serious decisions that need to be made in Britain. They’re not alone! The past year has seen tense elections worldwide.

We’re not here to get involved, just to remind you that politicians do weird, quirky things too. Of course, this isn’t likely to affect the elections results (and nor are we trying to), but if you’re interested, you can compare the current odds on who’s going to win the UK’s General Election on June 8th.

No, half the time we don’t know what they actually do either, but we can just fixate on this list and just pretend the extensive and systemic problems that have developed in Western politics will go away! Often, bringing politicians back down to mere mortal level is the only way we can cope with the otherwise challenging nature of modern politics!

1) Ed Miliband Eating Bacon:

Fair warning. For some inexplicable reason, eating weirdly features twice on this list. Both of the two main parties are apparently guilty of it, so here’s to the guy who kicked it all off. As Labour leader in 2015’s election, there was a lot of fuss about the way Ed Miliband ate a sandwich. A bacon one, to be precise. Apparently this mattered way more than things that actually affect the British public (but you know, it actually was kind of funny… not sure why). You know what though? He’s able to see the funny side of it too; he even attempted to recreate his own folly earlier in 2017!

2) Theresa May Eating Chips:

They’re just chips. But the way Ms May carried on, you’d think they were something far more sinister. It’s not a crime to eat chips with disdain, but it did attract quite a lot of attention from the British public. It kind of looks, well, silly – with many calling it this campaign cycle’s version of the bacon thing. Again, we’re not here to judge, but some newspapers certainly didn’t hold back! It was a little awkward to say the least, but it doesn’t affect her policies, we suppose. Yep, there can be, and are, are far worse things that she does than eat chips with disdain. Focus, people… focus!

3) Donald Trump Opening His Mouth:

Okay! We promised no bias, but you have to admit, some of the things that Donald Trump says kind of make you want to laugh just so that you don’t cry. Keeping things on a light-hearted note, some of his more ridiculous observations that he should have kept to himself include “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking diet coke” and denying the existence of global warming (please tell us that was a joke, right?!). Oh, Donald. Maybe just focus on leading your country? –Ideally not towards oblivion though.

Side note: don’t forget the time he did a duet with rival Hillary Clinton. Full disclosure: this didn’t really happen, but it was amazing all the same!

Don’t Forget…

Funny things politicians do are often just funny things. Maybe we should all focus on what the candidates are actually saying, rather than the diversionary tactics often used to discredit the enemy. Have a laugh, but then don’t forget to read between the lines and look at serious issues too!