Awarded to the best student video journalist of the year reporting on news and current affairs. This can include campus, national and international news.

Judges will be looking for an ability to dig out original information and present it with imagination and style. Must be produced expressly for broadcast on student or campus television or be the work of a full time student.

Submit one episode, or montage of episodes (maximum 1 hour), broadcast since February 2020.

Covid-19: Please do not submit a physical a copy of your submission. Public health advice suggests that it is best to limit contacts due to Covid-19. This includes physical submissions for these awards. As a result of the pandemic the awards will be held over Zoom rather than our usual venue, The Aviva.

For our full list of Entry Guidelines see here.

Click here to apply online

Please Note: Payments for this category must be submitted here.

Closing date for applications open February 1st and close on March 18th 2021.