What do you write about on a quiet Friday afternoon?

It’s Friday and there’s pretty much nothing happening in the world today. I suppose there’s the Tory leadership race between Bojo and that cocaine addict (or is it that guys whose name rhymes with the c word?, meh) but honestly that would just be too depressing/boring.

All in all, news is pretty quiet at the moment. I’m kind of hoping for a seagull to rob a bank or something mad just to get things going. There’s the usual topics like Trump and Brexit but I think we’re all a bit fed up with that at this stage.

We could do an in-depth analysis of our current political climate but is that something we really want read over midday Friday drinks?

We could do a detailed feature on how technology is taking over our lives but sure basically the issue with that is………… (gets distracted by phone)

Most people are talking about that wanker British politician who basically physically assaulted a protester at some fancy dinner thing he was at. Buy hey, ‘someone in the British government isn’t very nice’ is hardly a story is it?

So, basically, there’s nothing happening. So here’s a video about animals doing funny things.



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