1. Unicorn Toast

Unicorn toast is the new Avocado on toast. This colourful spread is made mixing anything with cream cheese – blueberries, raspberries, pistachios and beetroot juice to name a few. It’s not exactly a life-changing food. It looks better than it tastes, making it great for snapping it.

2. Cactus Juice

A few years ago, coconut water took the health and fitness world by storm. Apart from it tasting like shit, it contains potassium and electrolytes. Cactus water is the new trend for health nuts. Apparently, it has a delicious berry taste. Cactus water is packed full of benefits such as having anti-inflammatory properties and helps repair blood cells.

3. Raindrop Cake

It is basically a big bubble of jelly. This cake taste like water, not an ideal dessert flavour. Give me some sweet cheesecake or a choclate brownie, not this shite. It is probably the most pointless dessert ever invented. DO NOT WANT.

4. Lattes

How ridiculous is this? It’s just a normal latte with edible glitter on top. However, it seems to be very popular over in the states. Let’s hope it stays over there and become a normal sight in Ireland.

5. Charcoal

Health fanatics insist that this natural substance is good for you. Food experts say argue that there is no health benefits from adding this to your food. You may just stick to those charcoal face masks instead!

6. Rolled Ice cream

It make look cool, but it’s basically normal ice-cream. It just takes longer to prepare, it starts of as a liquid then frozen on this special freezer hob. Just give me ice cream now.

7. Rasher Taco

Would you like diabetes? A rasher taco surely is the most unhealthy food ever. Maybe just stick to Tolteca or Boojum…

By Aoife Crilly