Although many of us may be preparing for the big day of romance also known as Valentine’s Day it might not be your lucky day as today is the top day of the year to get dumped, two days before Valentine’s Day talk about harsh!

The 12th of February has been named ‘Red Tuesday’ as it’s the most popular day for dumping according to a new research.

The study also found more couples split up in the week of Valentine’s than any other week of the year with 37% admitting they broke up with their partner before Valentine’s Day.

The study also showed that 31% of people prefer to dump someone over text with 28% choosing to dump over a phone call instead of having the guts to do it face-to-face, talk about spineless!

Apparently the reason there are so many break-ups during what is supposed to be the most romantic week of the year is because Valentine’s Day makes people think about whether their relationship is really working.

Chin up lads (and lassies) at least you don’t have to worry about saving money on a gift and you can spend the day Bridget Jones style, in your pj’s getting drunk with a bottle of vodka (or wine) while blasting out some tunes from the comfort of your couch!