Has your own carelessness ever caused you to fall and ‘injure’ yourself?Well then you’re in luck. There’s plenty of playgrounds across the country that you can force closure upon, while also hiking up the price of insurance for small business because you’re too irresponsible to cater to your own actions.

Buncranna Park

There’s an offy across the road so you can even get a few cans to hold while you pose for the pre ‘destroy a beloved public amenity’ selfie.

Killarney Forest Park

The seats here get a slippery when wet so wait for it to start bucketing down, head down south and watch those $$$$$$ flow.

Dublin Zoo Playground

If you think getting mauled by a tiger is a bit too far than why not head down to the playground that no one really uses. Strangely enough, theres no supervision there so you’ll rake it in.

Dundrum Shopping center playground

You’ve got a whole herd of shoppers that will hear you when you wail in agony after falling from two feet onto specialised soft ground.

Athenry Creche

It’s easy to get into and the tiny toddler swings are ideal for getting your leg stuck into. You’ll be able to watch that morally questionable money rolling into your account as you run that 10km a week after suffering devastating injuries.