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Frozen food is definitely under-rated. Here are a few benefits that will make you consider filling up your freezer.

 Cheaper than Chilled or Fresh Food

We are all guilty of throwing out food waste. In college, that can be a complete waste of money. Frozen food is proven to reduce food waste as it stays fresher for much longer than chilled or fresh food. This means less time trying to find out what that off-putting smell is in the fridge.

Very Healthy

It is extremely difficult to keep the calories down once you go to college. This is where frozen food comes in to save the day. Freezing food keeps all the vitamins and minerals inside. Freezing food is a natural form of preservation, which means none of that artificial preservative stuff!

Rice Vegetables Are A Game – Changer

Introducing the brand new rice vegetable range from Green Isle! It’s a fantastic low-calorie alternative to white rice for all you fitness fanatics out there. It’s also gluten-free, unlike your usual bowl of rice. It cooks in just 3 short minutes, quicker than boiling rice which takes a million years. Choose from 3 types of rice vegetables: cauliflower rice, broccoli rice and super greens rice.

A Great Way to Consume Fish

Fish can often be overlooked by us students. Usually because fresh fish goes off quickly and then stinks up the place, ew! Frozen fish is cheaper than fresh fish, this makes it much more suitable for us students! Frozen fish can also be fresher than ‘fresh’ fish, which can take up to a week to reach the shop.

So what are you waiting for? Use you voucher to reap the benefits of these tasty frozen food offerings from Green Isle!