Teenager in court over frape and fassault of farmville account

A 14 year-old teenager has been on trial today over allegations of attempted frape and fassualt of a person’s farmville account on Facebook, the Central Criminal Court heard earlier today.

The claims arose over an incident where a third party interfered with the victim’s Facebook account, making sexualised derogatory remarks about himself and a lubricated cucumber.

The frape was carried out alongside a fassault of the victim’s Farmville account, which after being blocked resulted in withered crops, hungry animals, and failure to return favours from other friends.

Justice Michael Carney certified the case as fit for appeal with respect to the severity of the frape, given that the sent messages to a girl the victim recently shifted at a school disco were received with comments such as “lol” and “epic frape!”.

The frape victim-who cannot be named for legal reasons- is believed to be a friend of the accused who left his Facebook account open while at the accused’s home.

The victim told the court he felt ashamed and traumatised by seeing his status saying he is a Liverpool fan and likes Harry Styles’ bum.

Fraping and fassault are among the latest crimes introduced among government legislation, others include fidknapping, furder, and involuntary fanslaughter.

The farmville account remains preserved pending a full technical examination. Investigating Gardai are appealing for witnesses.




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