St Patricks College Carlow Guide

SU President Joseph Farrelly of St. Patrick’s College Carlow drops the bomb on yellow snow and the difficulty in deciding who’s the ‘Big Fry’ of Irish breakfasts in Carlow.

CarlowCollege2Introduce your university.
My college is St Pat’s in Carlow.

What’s the best thing about your college/university?
Best thing is the atmosphere; you get to know everybody and people tend to look out for each other.

What’s the worst?
Everyone knows everyone!

What’s the local area like?
Carlow is a college town. There are two different colleges in Carlow – Carlow IT and St Pat’s. There’s also a PLC college. The pubs, restaurants and shops all get a great boost from the student business. The locals are friendly and the nightlife is among the best in Ireland.

What about accommodation? Is it expensive?
Accommodation is one of the best points in Carlow, especially compared to Dublin. Finding a nice house close to the college that’s good value isn’t hard.

What’s the cost of living like?
It’s cheaper than living in Dublin, and long as you think about what you spend your money on it’s fine. When moving out of home for the first time, students can make their money stretch by shopping round for food and drink.

Is part-time work easy to come by?
Jobs can be found, but like everywhere it takes work to find them. I would advise looking in pubs, nightclubs, fast food outlets and shops.

What are the campus facilities like?
In college there’s free WiFi and computers available. The library has all the books relating to the courses. The Students’ Union is always available for information on all aspects of college life. There’s an on-campus nurse and plenty of banks in Carlow only a two minute walk from the college.

What’s the food like? Is there a good variety? Is it expensive?
There are plenty of places to eat and student deals all over the town. You can get anything from Irish food to a Chinese or Sushi. After 4 years in Carlow I am still undecided where in the town does the best Irish breakfast. Vital information!

What kind of sports facilities are there?
The college has plenty of sports for men and women, from GAA and Soccer to the college gym. The Students’ Union is always willing to provide facilities for any sport if you are interested.

Are there a broad range of clubs and societies?
Anything goes in St Pat’s when there is interest. The rise of the Drama Society and the Philosophy Society show this.

What’s the story with the college/local bar? Is there a good atmosphere? Is it cheap?
The college bar is where people get to know each other, and St Pats’ students have a great relationship with bars in Carlow. Because of this, there is rarely trouble. Pints can be bought for as little as €2.50 and the infamous nightclub The Foundry always has deals on different drinks and shots.

What advice would you offer to new students?
My advice for students is to get involved. College is what is what you make it. Work hard and play hard. You come out a different person after four years so make the most of it.

Any other useful information you would like to add?
Don’t eat yellow snow.