A UCD Psychology student is looking forward to letting his peers know how he aced all of this year’s Christmas exams despite claiming that he “hasn’t studied one bit”, sources have revealed.

Jack O’Reilly (20) is a second year Psychology student who finished his first year exams with flying colours, but drew the ire of classmates after claiming beforehand that he “was well and truly f****d”.

Months later, sources have told Oxygen.ie that O’Reilly is following a similar pattern this year, stating on multiple occasions this week that he “has barely opened a book” since this semester began.

One fellow Psychology student, Melissa Conway (19) believes that O’Reilly has been lying to the class constantly since the beginning of first year.

“Jack always keeps saying that he never studies and all he does is drink and session, and then he comes out with a first? I don’t think so,” Ms Conway said.

“He’s fooling nobody. Everybody knew that he was constantly in the library weeks before exams and fair play, he did well, but why is he saying then that he was so screwed? It drives me mad!!”

Suspicion is believed to have circulated in April of last year when Mr. O’Reilly was asked to go for drinks in the student bar on three separate occasions over a two week period, but insisted each time that he was “feeling a little tired.”

UCD Roebuck Hall, where Jack O’Reilly is believed to reside

Students from the course insist signs are showing that point towards him attempting the same stunt this year, but Jack definitively denies these accusations.

“I don’t see why people are so annoyed? I just got lucky, I suppose. It happens”

“I was just staying in watching Netflix and stuff, or out with my other friends from home. Why would I study? Ye can repeat first-year exams but ye can’t repeat the sesh.”

Students are currently bracing themselves for what is believed to be Jack’s next step of the plan; asking the classes’ Facebook group for tips on what is coming up on the exam because he “doesn’t have a clue”.

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