Smedias: FAQ

Smedias Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply?
First step is to pre-register your interest you will find the link on the main page. Print off your application form which you will find in each category section. Send back your application, your submission and application fee to the office. Specifics about this will be in Entry Guidelines on the main page and in each category.

Q. When can I apply?
Early 2021 – Date to be confirmed soon.

Q. Can I send my entry online?
Yes! Online applications are available for a number of categories, although some still require hard copies to be posted. To see if your category is eligible for online application, please check the individual category pages.

Q. What is the closing date?
Date to be confirmed.

Q. Can students from Northern Ireland enter?

Q. Can an exchange student enter?

Q. Why is there a cost for my submission?
The reason we have a fee for entering the Smedias is simple, we are looking for the best of the best. We want to ensure that the content the entrants are putting forward is their best work, and let’s face it – you are not going to throw away fifteen quid to submit any old rubbish.

This ensures that the Smedias remain a reputable award that will look impressive on any CV, and helps maintain the high quality of work we receive. We are all about the students – we are an organisation for students, run by students, and we are not trying to con you guys out of your hard earned cash.

The fee you pay to enter goes towards the cost of couriering entries back and forth from our various judges – we make sure your work is handled with the utmost care!

€15 (For the first category submission)

€10 (Per additional category after the first submission)
For Example: One Category- €15, Two Categories- €25, Three Categories- €35, etc.

Q. How do I pay?
You can pay online during the application process. Or post or hand-in your contribution fee ideally as cash, but we also accept cheque, along with your submission to:

Generation Y, 177 Rathmines Road Lower
Dublin 6,

Q. Can you enter the same piece under different categories?
Yes, for example a comedic sports article could be entered in both the Sports and Colour Writing Categories.

Q. Can I enter the same category multiple times?
No, you may only enter a category once.

Q. How will I know if I have been chosen for nominations?
Nomination dates to be confirmed.

Q. How many categories can I enter?
As many as you like you just can’t enter the same category more than once.

Q. What date is the awards night?
Spring/Summer 2021 – Date to be confirmed.

Q. How do I get tickets for the awards night?
You can email us at for tickets and you can collect the tickets from our office or collect them at the door. No tickets will be sold on the night and you must have a ticket to enter.

Q. If I have been nominated do I need a ticket for the awards night?


Q. How much are the tickets for the night?
€5 for a nominee and €10 for everyone else. A nominee has two reserved tickets one for themselves and a plus 1.

Q. If I don’t have a ticket can I pay at the door?
No unfortunately you must pay for your ticket in advance.

Q. Can I go to the awards night even if I haven’t been nominated for an award in my category?