Britney had a meltdown, Kim Kardashian transformed from a celebrity stylist to pop culture icon, the High School Musical soundtrack was on everyone’s first iPod and Lady Gaga showed us her poker face.

Kayne West also immortalised the phrase “I’mma let you finish” when he stormed the VMA stage, stealing the spotlight from Taylor Swift; the 2000s were a wacky, yet wonderful time.

So many of our childhood memories are wrapped within this imperfectly perfect decade! Yet, so many classic songs have long since been forgotten.

Thus, we present to you the top ten forgotten gems that sum up the 2000s.

Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne

Long before Avril Lavigne was murdered and replaced with a clone, she dominated the punk rock scene.

With absolute belters like ‘When You’re Gone’, ‘Complicated’ and ‘Keep Holding On’, Avril knew how to turn out a hit. Yet there is one song that reeks of your early childhood.

There was not a schoolyard in the world that didn’t have a chorus of girls singing ‘He was a skater boy, he said see ya later boy’.

Notice the genius word play in the word “Sk8ter”. Avril revealed her fears that the public would not understand what it was she was trying to do. Well, it may have took us a few years but we definitely get the pun now Avril!  

Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

This song gives so much, yet asks for so little in return.

Not only is it a girl power anthem, but it taught us all the correct way to spell ‘banana’. It’s got the right amount of attitude, without being too aggressive; the right amount of sass without being too extra; it’s girly and yet, it appeals to all genders.

Plus, Gwen Stefani was lowkey the Queen of the early 2000s pop scene.With hits like ‘What You Waitin’ For?’ . ‘Cool’ and ‘The Great Escape’, everyone has memories of getting down to a Gwen Stefani song in the teen discos.

Left Outside Alone – Anastacia

It’s almost a crime how underappreciated this song is.

Yet, it seems to have drifted out of public consciousness completely. Well, I am here today to tell you all “ENOUGH!” This song needs Grammys, VMAs, AMAs, and any other award you can think of.

Go into your room, turn your speakers up full volume and soak up the beauty that is ‘Left Outside Alone’. It’s the most theatrical, over-sung, biblical, dramatic, brilliant song one could ever hear.

Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston

Queen Whitney’s final years were overshadowed by her addictions, wardrobe malfunctions, disastrous concerts, forgotten lyrics and cracking vocals, however this song is an undeniable bop.

Whitney teaches us that unless your man is treating you like a million dollar bill, then he gotta go! Here, here!

Wow- Kylie Minogue

When you think of Noughties Kylie, you think of ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ (as you should).

However we need to remember that ‘Wow’ was Kylie’s first single after she recovered from cancer. She performed the song on the X Factor lives  show just weeks after getting the all clear, and she absolutely slayed!!!

Yet, this song seems to have been swept away and forgotten about. Injustice. We must never forget the legend that is Kylie!

Uptown Girl – Westlife

Billy Joel who? Sure, technically Billy’s version is vocally and sonically superior, but Westlife was every millennial’s childhood, and Billy can never hold a candle to that.

You probably could have chosen any Westlife song for this, however we picked ‘Uptown Girl’ because it was the peak of the bands career (Brian was still in it), it had a groovy 1950s style music video and is just so delightful to listen to.

Crazy Chick – Charlotte Church

As a kid, I could not relate to this song. Now? It’s the soundtrack of my life. A pop/rock melody meshed with lyrics describing a public breakdown? Sign me up!

Charlotte Church never really broke through to mainstream, yet this track deserves all the praise it can get. Bring it back onto the airwaves!

Kevin Worrall