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In the mood for something cheesy, addictive and romantic? Netflix has released it’s latest Rom Com, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. This movie has become an instant hit among audiences around the world. This film is based on a three book series by American writer Jenny Han. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is quickly developing a cult fan base, but why?

The Plot

The story follows a high schooler, Lara Jean, her love life fantasies and how that becomes a reality. She wrote secret letters to all the boys she loved before (hence the title).  Somehow, all of these letters get sent to all 5 of these boys. One includes her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh (Israel Broussard).

While this may result in instant mortification for Lara Jean, she manages to somehow redeem herself by striking up a fake relationship with the school It-Boy, Peter, who was also sent a letter. He has is own agenda, he wants to make his ex-girlfriend, Genevieve take him back.

Follows the Traditional Tropes

What make this movie attractive it that it follows a similar formula to Rom Coms in the 1990s (the Clueless-era). It is very hard to put together a good film today that follows this formula, To All The Boys I Have Loved Before is very much successful in following this to perfection. The characters are very likable, each with their very own personality. Peter at first comes across as a dickhead. As the film continues, he becomes more and more likable.

A Strong Cast

Asians are unrepresented in Hollywood,  so it is refreshing to see an Asian female lead (Lana Condor) in this film. You may gave recognised Peter (Noah Centineo) before, he featured in Camilla Cabello’s VMA-winning Havana music video. You may have also think you have seen Margot (Janel Parish) before, which you probably have. She played the menacing Mona in the series Pretty Little Liars.

The cast really does the script justice. Condor is the perfect female heroine in this film, her character is very sweet. The tone in which she narrates the film is like a diary, very hushed.

Centineo equally perfects his role. His chemistry on-screen with Condor is believable and profound. Critic have appalled his performance in the role of Peter, with the Los Angeles Times saying, ‘Centineo is the big beating heart at the center of the somewhat reserved “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” He’s a lot like his character, bringing out the best in this love story’.

Is It Worth Watching?

Even if you’re not into any of that romance stuff, the film itself is very well made. It is rare to come across a Rom Com that has done well after Mean Girls was released  in 2004 (BTW Mean Girls 2 was horrific, don’t waste your time).

The mix of witty dialogue, appealing set and strong cast, make this worthwhile watching for a cozy night in.

By Aoife Crilly