7up Free is back in our Goodie Bags with a bang!
Here at Oxygen, we love sustainability, and 7up do too! The brand has committed to using 100% recyclable bottles by the end of this month. So when you’re finished with your refreshing drink, why not get creative and contribute to 7up’s recycling initiative? For the craft- lovers among you, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do with your recyclable bottle…


Why not cut your bottle in half, wrap it in string, and fill it with flowers? Alternatively you could paint it or even stick mosaic pieces onto the sides to make a beautiful flowerpot.


Enter into the Halloween spirit by turning your bottle into a cute Halloween pumpkin. Simply cut it in half, cut slits into the top, fold them in and secure. Find out more details here at My Poppet Makes.

Phone and Charger Holder

Make your bottle into a handy phone holder for it to sit in while it’s charging. Check out this one from makeit-loveit.com- it’s easy to make, useful and can be customised however you like!

Charging Cell Phone Holder (...from a plastic bottle)
Image credit: makeit-loveit.com

Bird Feeder

Another one for nature lovers, 7up bottles make perfect bird feeders. Simply cut a small hole in each side of the bottle, thread a stick through for birds to perch on, and fill up the bottle with bird seed.

So there you have it! Try out these recycling crafts and support 7up’s sustainability promise.

Pick up a bottle of 7up in our Goodie Bags on campuses today and sign up for the campaign here.