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I think as young people, it is more important than ever to be informed about the goings-on of Ireland and the rest of the world.

It Can Actually Help You Write That Essay

Yes, that lengthy 2500 word essay will be made much easier if you are a daily news reader. The news helps you have a more open and critical mind. Therefore, this will aid you in helping you write much faster. Your vocabulary will also become far more fancy, which will definitely impress your lecturer!

It Provides Quality Entertainment

Entertainment stories like in the Daily Star, are a source of great entertainment for me. If you want to switch off from social media after a long day, I would highly recommend this to keep you amused.

Newspapers Are Way More Reliable Than Twitter

Now I am a fan of twitter, but a lot of the news on Twitter is not verified. This means it could be not true. If you want to get real facts, you are much better off nabbing yourself a newspaper.

It Makes You Smarter

There have been an abundant amount of studies carried out that have come to the conclusion that reading will make you smarter.

You’ll Be More Informed When Voting

Knowing what is going on in Irish politics may seem boring af, but when it comes down to it – you have the power to change how our country in run. So next time there is a general election, it may be good to pick up a newspaper to get a little bit of insight into what exactly you are voting for.

By Aoife Crilly