The video which appeared to show UFC fighter Conor McGregor punching an elderly man in the side of the head has gone viral and the Irish man has received huge criticism for his actions. The alleged reason for the altercation is that the man in question refused to drink Conor McGregors brand of whiskey, Proper Twelve, with the Crumlin man.

Now a Pub Owner in Florida have shown his disdain for McGregors actions by flushing his famous bottles of whiskey down the toilet. Sean Rice, the owner of the Salty Shamrock pub in Florida put up a video of himself pouring several bottles down the toilet and aiming several insults at McGregor.

Rice referred to McGregor as a ‘scumbag lowlife’ while he also said ‘All right guys, get that in the toilet, because that’s where his whiskey belongs right now’.

Rice’s actions were just one example of the backlash that arose as a result of McGregors behaviour and numerous people have voiced their disgust with his actions.

As of yet (to our knowledge), McGregor has not received any criminal repercussions for his alleged assault on the elderly gentleman.