We’ve partnered with Pepsi Max, Ireland’s fastest growing cola, to add a fizz-popping, taste-rocking twist to our Goodie Bag campaign!

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that your fridge should always be stocked with Pepsi Max.

Maximum taste and no sugar, Pepsi is ideal for sharing with friends at those upcoming Halloween parties, or perfect for a quiet pizza-and-pjs movie night to make it up to your housemate for using their toothpaste since the start of the semester.

Or you can grab a can on the go: whether you need a pick-me-up studying in the library, a refreshing hit on the way to a 9am or a go-to prinks drink. And remember, all single serve (500ml and 750ml) Pepsi MAX bottles now made from 100% recycled plastic, cutting carbon emissions per bottle by c. 40%!

The new Pepsi MAX campaign ‘Nothing tastes better than a 100% recycled bottle’, not only aims to encourage recycling but helps consumers enjoy the product all the more knowing it has less impact on the planet.

Pick up a free bottle in our goodie bag campaign on campuses this week and sign up for the campaign here.