National College of Ireland Guide

Former SU vice-president and president Cian Greally was around the National College of Ireland for a long time. So who better to introduce NCI…

NCI2Introduce NCI.
NCI is a college which has in recent years undergone a rapid regeneration into one of Ireland’s most state of the art learning centres. We have expanded our access to education courses as well as our renowned financial services courses.

Are the facilities up to scratch?
We have the best student workstation ratio in the country with five fully stocked computer labs servicing around 1200 students at any time. Our student services dept. has set up a keenly subsidised rate allowing student to utilise the medical services in the IFSC for a mere €8.50. And with more banks here than anywhere in the country we have no problem finding an ATM.

What’s the grub like on campus?
The college being located in the IFSC we have a high standard of catering for anyone’s taste, but we must say not at anyone’s price.

What’s the social scene like around the campus?
The Excise bar located directly opposite our front door have catered for our college’s social needs and has benfitted from our close relationship with a full bar at all our events helped by his keen pricing strategy.

What kind of clubs and socs can you join? And sports clubs?
We have an array of sports and recreational clubs and societies in this college ranging from our illustrious rugby club to our highly competitive basketball team, we aim to cater for all recreational needs but if we don’t we will help you set one up.

What about sports facilities? Gym?
Our college has a gym located on our campus and though it is not our gym they have created a student package with a very generous discounted price of €260 a year for membership. Our connection with other clubs and sports facilities have aided us in getting access to top of the range sports grounds and courts.

What’s the story with accommodation?
We have located in the campus right in the middle of the IFSC 267 places available to students of NCI for around €120 a week.

What’s the area around the campus like? Any insider tips?
We are located in the centre of Dublin city so have a guess or get a guide book.

What’s the cost of living? Is part-time work easy to come by?
We are centred in Dublin city so there are plenty of part time jobs available in the surrounding area however on the downside it is a very expensive area to live in.

What’s the worst thing a new student can do?
Don’t get involved in any activities.

What’s the best?
Get involved in the college life, join a club go on the social events. Make buddies they’ll help you to realise your academic potential or at least give you someone to gossip with at lunch.