Looking to make those pennies add up, here’s your guide…
When in college, the task of handling your own finances and planning ahead are daunting! No longer are you able to sweet talk the parents into giving you a twenty (if you still do it now, you should really consider using your skills to become a professional hustler). For those of us who aren’t able to get some money quickly and want to make it last longer, here are some tips you might find handy (please don’t judge me):
1)  Instead of washing your clothes, spray some Febreeze/perfume/deodorant on them. You save on electricity and you can get away with not wasting your time doing laundry on a Sunday for at least one more week (more time for drinking/studying/assignment-writing).
2)Go to coffee shops and stock up on the free packages of sugars, milk and butter (try not to get caught) for times when you can’t afford to go buy them. Also stock up on the free napkins too, for when you run out of toilet roll…
3) Can’t afford to do a week’s worth of food shopping? Get yourself some cheap loaves of bread and some tins of beans, soups and a packet of cheese slices, and you’re sorted.
4)Never throw out a teabag that hasn’t been used at least twice and resembles an old man’s testicles.
5)Hot water bottles will be your best friend if you want to keep heating bills down. Also, there’s no harm in reusing this water by putting it back in the kettle and heating again for another bottle (handy for when the water meters come in).
6)If you get holes in your shoes, just use superglue to stick them back together, along with the last shreds of your dignity.
So if you are looking to scrimp and save, these tips and tricks should be able to tide you over for a little bit. It’s amazing how many morals go out of the window when you are desperate; that is, if you had any to begin with (which is doubtful).