We’re only days away from the return of Nidge and the gang for Love/Hate’s fifth season and the excitement levels across Ireland are escalating by the hour.

Love/Hate is one of those rare Irish TV shows that grips the entire nation by the jugular and doesn’t let go for the following six weeks until the series concludes for yet another year.

Season four saw the guards close in on Nidge, Fran, Ado, Elmo more than ever before and with creator and writer Stuart Carolan having revealed that a lot of the action this year will take place in Spain, it’s probably safe to assume that the lads are laying low overseas, but regardless of what’s happening, it’s safe to say everyone is very much looking forward to it.

If you’re one of those people who has yet to experience the award winning crime-drama, grab yourself a Box-Set of the first four seasons and marathon the shit out of it between now and Sunday.