Second Year Business Student Ciara Murphy is reported to have once again dropped her phone on her previous night out. Upon further inspection, Ciara has concluded that despite the egregious damage caused by the phone being dropped, it was functional enough to put off repairing the phone.

Ciara developed further on the issue, assessing the cost of repairing the damage in relation to how many pints she could buy with the same amount of money (19½ in her local or 15 in town). When weighing up the exchange rate, Ms. Murphy stated she “wasn’t arsed” to fix the phone.

When pressed further on the broken but allegedly functioning phone, Ciara had this to say

“Sure it’s grand like, like the screen’s a bit cracked, and the home button needs a good push from time to time, and I can’t use the front camera, but aside from that it’s perfectly fine.”

Despite Ciara’s clear policy on her broken phone, she declined to make an official statement on the phone cable with the exposed wire wrapped in tape that would cost (according to her estimations) the equivalent of 1 pint her local to get replaced.