We Irish love to talk about the weather. It makes for easy conversations with random strangers at the bus stop. The past few weeks have been pretty awful weather wise but it looks like we might finally be getting a bit of sun and some much needed vitamin D.

If you’re in town this weekend you’ll almost certainly spot a group of lads with their tops off -which i’m pretty sure is Met Eireann’s official way of measuring temperature. Its set to reach 22 degrees on Saturday with ‘Spring Sunshine also on its way.The cans of Dutch gold will find their way onto Ireland beaches and even the elderly population will switch from Antarctic proof clothing to a hat and gloves.

In between eating your own weight in chocolate you might want to make a trip down the beach. Or even better, you could find a good beer garden, bring you easter egg with you and drink beer and chocolate to your hearts content. Yeah, that definitely sounds better. And you don’t even have to worry about that Monday hangover in work cause its a three day weekend (four for some of you lucky folk out there).Its like Jesus planned the whole thing, good man Jesus, I knew you were sound.