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CAO offers are just around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate getting into college than drinking to forget the horrors of the Leaving Cert. With your ISIC card, you will have a second form of ID with your date of birth, which save you a lot of stress trying to get into many nightclubs and pubs.


Located on Harcourt Street, it’s central location makes hundreds flock towards it. It’s massive Beer Garden is great especially when it’s uncomfortably hot and sweaty inside.

The busy club opens at 11pm, so you’ll have a enough time to consume your naggin before getting to the club.


This Mexican-themed nightclub is a favourite by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Sasha Pieterse. It’s theme really sets it apart from all the other nightclubs in Dublin. I would recommend trying one of their fantastic cocktails to get you in the mood for a fiesta!


This late bar is great if you’re not bothered paying admission into a club. With a DJ from 11pm, it has a fantastic atmosphere and a good number of people actually go to this increasingly popular spot. Beware, this place can get messy very quickly! It is definitely a place worth going to celebrate the start of your college life.



This club features two bar areas, a smoking area and a massive dance floor so you can bust those moves all night long. This is definitely a spot worth checking out if your want something a little more sophisticated. They also have a fantastic restaurant if you feel like having a fancy dinner before going to the club.


This pub was actually in the movie ‘P.S. I Love You’ (the one with Gerard Butler with a horrific Irish accent). Well this famous bar is great if you fancy something more chilled.

From 11pm, you can go upstairs to the silent disco. It’s a disco where you pub on headphones to hear the music. From my experience, it’s hilarious with friends especially when you take off your headphones to see everyone dance to silence. If you aren’t feeling it, just pop into Opium next door.

Copper Face Jacks

This has been Ireland’s most loved nightclub for years. If you are a culchie like me, you will feel at home here. Expect to find a nice farmer with road frontage to bring home to your mammy here.


By Aoife Crilly






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