An Irish woman recently learned the importance of not bottling things up.

Cara Clarke (19) started feeling “extreme stomach pains” at her place of work and was rushed to hospital on Tuesday.

It was revealed that she had an infection that meant she had to get her appendix removed before it burst, all as a result holding in her farts around her boyfriend.

Cara and her partner have thankfully managed to see the funny side of the situation, with Cara recovering in the hospital at the moment, and Cara swears to “let it out from now on” after her ordeal.

The story surfaced when Cara posted a TikTok, which quickly went viral. You can watch it below:

CazaKid on TikTok

219.8K Likes, 2.7K Comments. TikTok video from CazaKid (@cazakid69). Me and my boyfriend doing everything together & comfortable | Me having to get my appendix’s removed because I hold in my farts around him. original sound.