by Amy Jones

If you have only just heard of quiet luxury, it is important to understand that this clothing style is nothing new. Whilst quiet luxury might just be another trend for the rest of us, the mega-rich and old-money wealthy among us have worn and will continue to wear quiet luxury fashion like it’s going out of fashion. This minimalist, discrete style of dressing has got the streets talking. Why are we only just seeing this trend and why are we obsessing with it now? Let’s take a look at where quiet luxury has emerged from.

What Does Quiet Luxury Mean 

Quiet luxury is all about investing in your outfit. Quiet luxury fashion avoids the loudness of bold designer fashion and swaps this for admirable obscurity and quality. Some of the quiet luxury’s biggest advocates spend hundreds of thousands on clothing that you wouldn’t even be able to tell its costly price. On the other hand, and the more obtainable side of things, quiet luxury can be as simple as purchasing some staple luxury centerpieces that will level up your fits for years to come. One thing reigns true, quiet luxury is not a trend that will simply die down in the next year, for those of us who can appreciate its value quiet luxury should be a part of all of our wardrobes through the decades.

The Difference Between The Rich & Mega Rich

One thing to keep in mind when considering who quiet luxury is made for is the difference in tax brackets between the people who perfect this style and those who are spending too much time on flashy designer items. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, as one of the richest people on the planet, we have never seen him wearing flashy fashion that staples the word “Gucci” all over it. His t-shirts curated by the Italian designer Bruno Cucinelli are nothing more than a simple block colour design, but the secret is in the quality and value that these fashion items hold. 

The mega-rich do not see the value in flaunting logo-pressed fashion items as a status symbol. They recognise the importance of integrity and staying above the curve. The rich who on the contrary value their logo press clothing and flashier items wear their clothing as a bold status symbol, which ultimately will go as disregarded by the mega-rich. If you want to put yourself in the bracket of being a high-value person and elevate your style without being viewed as “flashy”. quiet luxury is the way to go.

Quiet Luxury Wearers Don’t Follow Trends 

As mentioned, quiet luxury is not just as simple as a trend. Quiet luxury has been a prominent theme amongst the wealthiest among us, and they will continue doing so. If you are looking to embody quiet luxury you have to understand this look is more than just a look, it’s a lifestyle. A luxury lifestyle is connotated differently to each individual, but quiet luxury fashion is a concurrent trend that stays within its safe and classic borders. Quiet luxury is not for everyone, and if we are being honest this style will involve some major bank spending, but if you do have the ability to test out this style the rewards will be worth it. 

How To Master Quiet Luxury 

If you are looking to style quiet luxury, there are some steps to incorporate. Quiet luxury does not always require spending 4 figures, instead good quality items with a few staple pieces can do the trick. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Have Staple Pieces 

The first thing to understand about mastering quiet luxury is that not everything has to be luxury. That’s right, you can bag yourself quiet luxury staple dupes for a fraction of the price. Take the infamous Hermes bag for example, we do not see the words “Hermes” printed all over the bag, therefore it is easy to find quality dupes that add just as much value to your outfit. Celine bags are just a fraction of the price of Hermes bags, and look equally as stylish and beautiful. They both cost a lot, but an investment into a bag that will last a lifetime can ultimately be a long-term injection, assuming that the bag is of great quality.

Invest In Quality Basics 

Basics will be your best friend with quiet luxury. The beauty of this style of fashion is that you can have a couple of interchangeable pieces and master the style in no time. Do not take this as a fast pass to invest in fast fashion, as it is often extremely obvious when fast fashion is attempting to mirror high-quality designer pieces. Investing in quality basics may be as simple as having a trench coat, some quality tank tops, some linen trousers, and some sturdy leather flats and you will be the master of quiet luxury. 

Avoid Logos 

Do not fall into the trap of purchasing designer items that feature a huge logo or the name of their brand. You may think this is adding value to your overall look, but the real connoisseurs of quiet luxury fashion will be looking down on you. There is no value to be added to your look with a huge printed t-shirt, so keep things cool and avoid huge logos. 

Mix Textures 

Finally, if you are looking to still make a staple with quiet luxury fashion this spring, you need to experiment with your textures. Sticking to one material such as cashmere throughout the whole look is boring, and quiet luxury is not boring. It’s admirable yet effortless, and mixing textures is the easiest way to achieve this. For example, you may mix a leather trench and a cotton sweater for a subtle yet effective contrast. If you are looking for elegant, quiet luxury attire that also mixes textures, this may be laced corset tops paired with a long, draping silk skirt. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, quiet luxury fashion is not just a trend, instead, it is a lifestyle that the wealthiest among us will continue to stick to, and if the rest of us hope to achieve the same level of style we will adopt these methods. Quiet luxury steers away from bold luxury statements, especially anything that involves printed logos featured on the items. If you want to master quiet luxury make sure that you invest in some staple pieces that will last you for years to come, prioritise clothing with quality material, and also mix textures to avoid looking too bland. Quiet luxury is not going anywhere, so if there is a fashion trend that is going to stand the test of time, this is the one