We will be stuck in this situation at least once in our lives. Toxic friendships often leave you  withdrawn and with little self-esteem. It can be bloody exhausting. A true friend is meant to bring up, not drag you down. Respect yourself to walk away from a situation that no longer brings any happiness.  Breaking up with a friend is not easy, here are some tips on how to go about it gracefully. 

Distance Yourself

If you are terrified of confrontation, this may be best for you. Try to take a few days to respond to texts, calls and even being tagged in memes (no matter how funny they are). If they want to hang out, say you are busy. Try to limit you interactions gradually. Fading out can be easy, if they get the memo. If they haven’t coped on that you’re done, you might have to think of a different approach.


 Formally End It

This is not easy, but it is effective as they will get that you don’t want to be friends anymore. Just express how you are feeling with out getting angry or blaming them, which can start a fight. Explain that the friendship isn’t working right now and that it would be best for both of you to not be friends. Of course don’t do this on a night out or where other people are present. This can cause A LOT of drama.

Don’t try to involve other people in this, it’s only between you and the other person. It can be very tricky if your group of friends pick sides, however if they are genuine they will not pick sides and not treat you any differently.


Drop Them Completely

If your friend is being verbally or physically abusive, just drop them. This includes if they are sending offensive messages. Block them on every social media platform so they have no way of contacting you.

Focus On YOU

A friendship break-up can be exhausting, now it’s time to focus on yourself. You will find yourself relieved and happier that you’ve got a burden out of your life. You now have the chance to make new friends. The right people will admire you for having the self-respect to walk away from an unhealthy situation.

By Aoife Crilly