As part of our college goodie bag campaign, we are giving away a FREE packet if Tic Tacs!

There is no denying that Tic Tacs are a favourite by all for decades. However, you have more than likely been eating them wrong this whole time. This might shock you, I know. There is a hack to how you are actually supposed to eat Tic Tacs.

This easy trick stops Tic Tacs from falling on the floor when you try and get them out. It can be such a waste, especially if you are like me and very clumsy. There is actually a special trick to actually taking them out without spilling all those precious mints all over the floor.

Have you ever noticed the odd shape of the underside of the Tic Tac packet’s flap? Me neither, but apparently it has an actual purpose to help you take out a simple mint. Here are steps that will help you take out these mints correctly:

  1. Turn the pocket over
  2. Open the flap and tilt slightly
  3. This will dispense one Tic Tac mint

I know, mind = blown. You will never have to worry about spilling your Tic Tacs ever again. It is very simple. It makes you wonder why you never have heard of this nifty trick before.

Now you can show all your friends and family how to do it correctly. It can be your new ‘party trick’, or prink trick. Of course, if you feel like shaking it (as it is a lot more fun), you can. You can also take more than one Tic Tac at once, because we all know that it’s hard to just have one.

By Aoife Crilly