From the real swingers to the plain stubborn, we’ll show you how to get a handle on the pulling scene in Dublin. It is not an exact science with many people claiming to be professionals in the art but all having many approaches. However, there are indeed a few tips that we can offer that may assist you in your quest to get around in our beautiful city.

The entry level of pulling


As you can see, this contraflow entranceway is just shouting instruction at you. What it wants is written all over its face. If you get pushy with the left one, you’ll get nowhere. However, the door on the right is definitely up for a bit of argy bargy and force is welcome.
The door on the left requires patience, subtlety and a bit of core strength (especially the heavier ones). This door in particular is quite light and also transparent, leaving nothing to the imagination.

A Doorknob


Our favourite type of knob here at You can really get your hand around this one. Just a quick jerk et voila, you’re in there. You will be able to enjoy the satisfying wrist action that is necessary to the execution of opening a door with this type of entry mechanism. There is a rhythmic flow to the process: a squeeze, a turn, a click and then sweet release. This is probably the most expressive type of pull, hence the brass frame. This knob in particular is quite dirty though and could clearly do with some attention.

Some doors are automatic and will literally open for anyone. Don’t be that guy.


Discretion is advised here and while we don’t endorse the usage of these doors, they do provide quick and unbiased access. However, the lack of effort may ultimately prove to be unfulfilling. There is a lot to be said for valuing your time in this day and age and so if your priorities are stacked accordingly then this won’t affect you. We wish you luck.

Definitely not up for it. Walk away


As you can see here, not only is there a lock on the door; there is a lock on the lock. This method of security is a trademark sign of an entranceway that has been shut off from frequent access. Maybe it was hurt in the past. Maybe it has a deep dark secret. It is probably best to just try a knob instead. Try your luck elsewhere or else locate the keys.

The button on the DART and or other modes of public transport (LUAS, Dublin Bus)


This one defies the concept of physically pulling a large door. If you really want to get in there you’re going to have to get your finger involved from the outset. Sometimes you’ll need to prod two or three times before you get a reaction but when you get it right, it will take you places.

A door with no handle or lock is not impossible but unfortunately, you’re on your own here


Even we can’t help you with this one. This door is a closed book. Or a closed door. Entry seems dependant on assistance from within. This scenario screams exclusivity. This is the Kanye West of doors. This door is VIP on a list entirely populated by this door.