The Goodie Bag campaign 2019 will be returning to colleges across Ireland this year so keep an eye out for us during your freshers week!

We’re thrilled to have Green Isle and Donegal Catch in our Goodie Bag this year and we feel that they are the perfect for all you busy college students.

Donegal Catch have a wide range of products with their signature batter giving the fish that extra bit of texture.

Don’t want to risk your fruit and veg going off before you have a chance to eat them? Of course not, but you may also be reluctant to buy frozen. Take it from us-don’t be.

Green Isle are committed to ensuring that all their produce is of the highest quality and are frozen from the very beginning of their journey to your plate, ensuring all those important nutrients are kept in.

Healthy and good flavoured food is hard to come by, particular when you’ve got six essays due and exams in three weeks!

Both Green Isle and Donegal Catch have always produced good quality food that won’t eat up your calorie allowance.

Why not try out the ‘Monday Night Curry’ with Donegal Catch Atlantic Haddock fillets and Green Isle Asian Stir Fry and Cauliflower Rice or start your morning off with a Mixed Berry Smoothie Tuesday with Green Isle Mixed Berries?