Flahavan’s Oaty Flapjacks have joined the Goodie Bag campaign! You can pick up your free flapjack as part of the Goodie Bag on campuses today.

Filled with oaty goodness, fibre and tons of vitamins, Flahavan’s are an essential part of the college students’ life. Why not try them…

When your parents are visiting

Picture this- you haven’t done your washing in weeks, your kitchen is overflowing with bottles, and there’s a faint but concerning smell coming from one of the cupboards. You wake up with a jolt at 12pm to a knock on the door. You realise its your parents- what do you do to avoid your mother’s scolding and your dad’s disapproving stare?

Give them a Flahavan’s Flapjack and a cup of tea, of course! Your parents will be so distracted by the comforting tasty treat they won’t notice last week’s takeaway moulding in your fridge or the random guy passed out on the couch. They’ll ask you if they’re homemade and you’ll smile coyly as you furiously stuff the package in the bin. It’s a win/win!

When you’re hungover

Nothing better than something sweet to cure a hangover! If you’re wrapped up in bed holding your head and trying not to think about the irreparable damage that has been done to your liver, why not much on a delicious oaty flapjack? Oats have long been recognised for their health benefits and Flahavan’s flapjacks are packed with fibre – pair them with a cup of hot chocolate and you’ll be good to go in no time.

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