What Glasses Suit You?

Over the past fifty years, rates of short-sightedness (or myopia) have doubled across Europe, with the result that an overwhelming fifty percent of young adults across the continent currently live with the condition. Worldwide, the number of diagnoses lies at over 2.5 billion.

Though there is no one conclusive explanation for this unprecedented rise in vision impairment, most experts point towards both technology and the modern education system. From childhood, we are encouraged to spend hours every day sitting and reading and, as phones become ever-more instrumental to our lives, we also spend an increasing amount of our free time on them too. Covid has further compounded these concerns, with more professionals theorising that the aftermath of increased screen use during lockdowns will see yet another boom in myopia.

The implications of this culturally-dictated explosion in eye conditions amongst the youth from both a medical and sociological standpoint are fascinating, and undoubtedly worthy of in-depth discussion. However, from a fashion perspective, what this really means is that now a lot more of us are wearing glasses.

Here, we will run through some of the most popular styles, and what kinds of faces they’re most suited to.

1. Rimless Glasses

A nice compromise for those who don’t particularly love the aesthetic of glasses, but also don’t want to wear contact lenses. They do their job without interfering with any of your other facial features, while also posing minimal risk in terms of clashing with outfits.

2. Round Glasses

Very John Lennon-chic. Over the past few years, circular frames have made a fashionable resurgence. This style of glasses is considered particularly flattering for those with rounder faces as they do not clash with their soft facial contours. They can also create a more dynamic aesthetic contrast on square or rectangular face shapes.

3. Aviators

First designed in 1936 for military use, aviators have regained popularity for their sleek, oversized style. Typically, aviators are especially flattering on more angular faces. However, different variations on the style, namely navigator glasses, can also work for oval and round face shapes.

4. Cat-eye Glasses

A sophisticated shape, cat-eye lenses can be worn by anyone – but their soft lines are particularly suited to oval, round and heart-shaped faces. For those with a square face shape, the geometric take on the cat-eye is especially flattering as it is cohesive with more angular features.

5. Colourful Frames

On the opposite end of the spectrum from rimless glasses, thick, bold frames are for those who want to make a definite statement with their eyewear. Whether trying to bring out your eye colour, or flatter your skin tone, there are a whole range of different shades being worn at the moment.