As exam season approaches, the team at want to wish the best of luck to all struggling students! We hope the following tips will help you out.

Prepare the night before

No one likes waking up on the morning of an exam, scrambling for a pen and pencil, skipping breakfast and rushing to the exam hall only to find you’ve forgotten half your equipment. Take time the night before to prepare everything you need: whether that’s a pencil case full of pens, pencils, erasers, rulers; a water bottle, a watch, a packet of tissues etc. You’ll save yourself time and stress by setting aside five minutes before bedtime to check you have everything ready to go.

Eat a good meal

Make yourself a nourishing breakfast or lunch before the exam to maximize your performance. Consider including brain-boosting foods such as dark chocolate, nuts, berries, green leafy veg and fish. You’ll be happy to hear that coffee and tea both count as brain fuel, so don’t forgo your morning cup!

Get enough sleep

Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep, so if at all possible, try not to cram the night before your exam! Your brain will function so much better if it is well-rested: speaking from too much experience, an essay written at 3am rarely makes any sense…

Try and get as much sleep as possible in the days leading up to the exam – your body will thank you on the day!

Chew gum during the exam

Surprisingly, chewing gum has been proved to help increase your focus and concentration during an exam. Occupying your body with an activity (in this case, the chewing) can also help calm you down if you’re feeling nervous. Minty chewing gum works best.

Wear the right clothes

Don’t be concerned with fashion on the day of a big exam. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and warm: if you’re not sure how hot the exam hall will be, throw on a couple of layers that you can easily remove. Boycott those tight jeans in favour of a looser outfit, but something that still makes you feel good.