Looking to make your next big step into the world of journalism or website editing? Here is just the place to start!

Oxygen.ie is looking for a new editor. With a brand that is known nationwide and recognized for its competitions and satirical content, the site is the perfect place for a young editor to make their mark.

The job will consist of the following duties:

  • Creating and editing content for the site.
  • Liaising with the contributors in order the keep the site current and original.
  • Setting out plans for the coming weeks and alligning the sites content with the Facebook and Twitter pages along with the Oxygen App.
  • Promoting campaigns for Oxygen.ie partners and sponsors.
  • Ensuring the site is the first place students see issues that affect both colleges and students whilst giving it a humorous and satirical spin.
  • The successful candidate should also be savvy in the fields of social media and digital content.

The role requires the editor to be in the office at least 20 hours each week, with a weekly stipend as compensation.

This is a huge and invaluable opportunity for any budding writer to have going forward in their careers, and will guarantee the successful applicant nationwide coverage for their efforts.

Please send a cover letter and CV to editor@oxygen.ie to apply!