Have you ever been convinced to give little Max an extra treat because he gave you ‘the eyes’. Well apparently those devilish doggos know exactly what they’re doing.

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth found that dogs behaviour and facial structure has changed over the thousands of years that they were domesticated.

Dogs apparently have muscles in their eye area that allow them to raise their eyebrows . The research showed that dogs were more likely to use this while looking at humans. This of course triggers a sympathetic human reaction.

Apparently they want to be looked after when they give this expression so give them a good hug and tell them how great they are!!!!!

It’s pretty amazing how dogs have adapted to life under wild animals from helping blind people navigate to smelling drugs at airports. We’d be pretty lost without the glorious balls of fur.

They’ve also been shown to sense human emotion. Ever had a dog put their snout on your lap when you’re feeling a bit down? Yeah, they know what they’re doing there too.

They’re also just great and get really excited about things like walking around the block, trowing an old slobbery tennis ball and eating the same food every day.

Life just wouldn’t be the same when your lovable pooch doesn’t welcome you like you’ve been gone for two weeks every time you come home from work.

If dogs ran the country, everything would be 10 times better. The health system would be run by golden retrievers who just went around licking peoples faces. There wouldn’t be any crime because everyone’s just so happy and instead of schools puppys and kids just hang out for the day. God , that would be class.



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