Pretty much every family in Ireland watches Home Alone at some point around Christmas. Crimbo just wouldn’t be the same without routing for Kevin McAllister as he beats the sh*t out of them pesky robbers, who somehow survive electrocution and battering rams to the head. The new film is set to be more modern and feature all the new technologies and what not that exist in todays society.

Now Disney are about to make all your dreams come through with a remake of everyone’s favourite Christmas action horror. According to Entertainment Tonight, an updated version of Home Alone will be premiering on Disney along with remakes of Cheaper by the Dozen, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Night at the Museum.  No details of the film have been released yet but Inglorious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction director Quinton Tarantino is rumoured to be set to take the reigns with De Niro and Keitel joining Joe Pesci in the cast and the film will centre in on Kevin twenty years later.

Kevin, now trained in martial arts and mentally scared after being left overnight in a funeral home by his parents, turns robber but is overwhelmed when it turns out that the people who he’s trying to rob have attack dogs, with razor sharp teeth, a high tech alarm system and an armoury of lethal weapons as security rather than broken up bits of Christmas decorations. Lets hope it materializes.