All to real words from students.

“Why do lads not speak to you for 6 months then reply to your selfie with ‘when you coming to see me then’ never ya fanny” – Hannah

“Just spent 8 euro on ice cream that wasn’t very good but I also spent 4 years on a boy who wasn’t very good so I’m used to waste” – Michaela

“Ariana had to learn the hard way what all women find out eventually: that sometimes you think a guy is amazing and funny and loving and sexy, but it turns out he’s just tall” – Katie

“Must be mad being a lad. Imagine ya go to message a girl and see your previous 7 ‘hey xxx’ messages still unread and ignored AND THEN you send an 8th just incase, 8th time lucky” – Beth

“Dating guys in their 20s is an unpaid internship” – Gemma

“Men be like communication is so important and then u ask them why and they’re like I dint know, I don’t wanna talk about it” – Sarah