In what has to be considered relatively unsurprising news, UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor has punched an elderly pub patron in the head in a dispute over whiskey.

The alleged incident is said to have took place after a verbal altercation in which….now get this…the man in question didn’t want to drink whiskey with him.

First of all, Conor McGregors whiskey is apparently pretty substandard and not worth the price. Secondly, punching a man for being his drinking buddy, a man easily twice his age, in the side of the head is a total disgrace.

It should be epmhasised that the attacker has not been confirmed to be Mcgregor and that neither Mcgregors camp or Mcgregor himself have yet to comment on the incident.

You’d expect to hear a lot more about this over the coming days and weeks and it could be another scandal to add to the Irishman’s growing list.

McGregor has done some very good and decent things in his life but these incidents have become far too common and his reputation is being further tarnished.



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