Cocktails for charity? When Pyg(malion)s fly…

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Do you like being a good citizen? Do you like drinking alcohol? But do you find it hard to combine the two into one ultimate super-hobby?

Well, doing your bit for charity has never been more fun thanks to Pygmalion on Southwilliam Street, Dublin 2. The popular bar are hosting a fundraiser in aid of E-ducare (a wonderful charity dedicated to helping families who are subject to poverty and hunger on a daily basis) and are giving 100 per cent of the drinks’ proceeds to the cause.

The event is free in, and takes place on the 29th of January in Pygmalion at the Powerscourt Centre. Doors open at 7.30pm and you can expect a fabulous spread – including limitless cocktails and delicious finger food as well as live music and DJs.

All money raised from drink sales will be used to support 25 South Vietnamese families. E-ducare will provide them with an Income Generating Scheme, where they will be able to breed small animals to help raise money to send their children to school

So yes, that DOES technically mean that the more cocktails you consume the more you are giving back to the world. It also means that when you are lying in the foetal position with a crippling hangover the following day you can suffer safe in the knowledge that your pain is somebody else’s gain.

I’ll have thirty-seven Cosmopolitans, please.*

You can find out more about this glorious fundraiser by visiting the event page on Facebook, and if you would like to learn more about the admirable work done by E-ducare log onto their website.

*Always remember to drink alcohol responsibly. Ordering thirty-seven Cosmopolitans is not/never will be a safe thing to do. Know your limit, and always drink at your own pace.