Carlow IT College Guide

Former SU vice-president Mick Doyle explains all things Carlow. Personally, I’d just like to know why their county football team has such a psychedelic jersey, but you won’t learn that here. Still, erm, there’s like loads of college stuff…

CarlowIT2Are the Carlow IT facilities up to scratch?
The facilities are very good the computers to students ratio is one of the best in Ireland. The library is three floors with around thirty-five to forty computers per floor. There are also computer labs students can use and computer students in the diploma get their own computer for use. Health service has recently been extended and is ready for next year. On campus banking facilities, overall the facilities are excellent.

What’s the grub like on campus?
Very good value and the food quality and range of food is very good.

What’s the social scene like around the campus? Decent college bars? Cheap pints?
The social scene is excellent. Regular on campus ents supplied by the SU. All the students bars are excellent, however as promotions have been outlawed unfortunately the beer is all the same price. However the SU backed nightclub The Foundry is only €5 admission and the Sunday night is also free.

What kind of clubs and socs can you join? And sports clubs?
There are over 40 clubs and socs so there is always something for everyone. The clubs and socs are really well ran and looked after. There’s thirty-three sports clubs and twenty-seven societies. It’s a great way to meet new people and a big part of the student life in Carlow.

What about sports facilities? Gym?
The sports facilities are very good. The gym was constructed two years ago and the membership is very reasonable for students at less than €40 per annum. There are also Gaa pitches and soccer and extensive training facilities with plans for more expansion.

What’s the story with accommodation?
Accommodation is both plentiful and reasonable. The quality is very good and and a single room can be obtained for abot €65 per week. Digs are available from about €80.

What’s Carlow like? Any insider tips?
Carlow’s very relaxed. The locals have a good attitude and there’s a good mix with students. It’s a really safe place and there are definitely no problems. There’s a cinema, bowling alley, snooker halls, and loads of top class student bars and clubs. Scrag’s Alley is a top student venue with a free nightclub on Tuesdays, great deals and spot prizes. There are about ten or eleven top student places in the town.

What’s the cost of living? Is part-time work easy to come by?
The cost of living is not too bad rent is about €60 then you add on food etc. You would probably need about €120 to €150 per week depending on your social life.

What’s the worst thing a new student can do?
Keep to themselves.

What’s the best?
Get involved in clubs and socs and the SU.