Exercising your mind can be just as tiring as a physical workout, if not more so. Going for a run puts pressure on the body while in fact stimulating the brain, as evidenced by research, but pouring over books and essays for the same length of time will strain your focus faster. That is why breaks were invented. And all the wonderful things you can do in them. If the aim is to resume your studies after your breather, activities that are too distracting are not advised. Some would say that video games in particular are to be avoided, but the vast range that exists today includes little bundles of fun that can harmlessly help your mind to relax without requiring too much dedication.

Puzzle games are an ideal pastime. From word search to spot the difference, the brain is kept relatively active by using very basic functions to solve any given game. A quick search online yields dozens of websites bursting with free games to choose from. There are even some devoted to specific types. TheJigsawPuzzle.com supplies themed entertainment in the form of online jigsaws. One of the oldest and most dependable source of recreation for all ages is now only a few clicks away.

Those who enjoy a bit more excitement and perhaps some extra benefits will find that online casinos have much to offer. Whatever your game of preference, you are bound to be faced with an array of themes, styles and gameplays. Delving into the William Hill jackpot opportunities, for example, brings up three Deal or No Deal games, one following the boxes and dealer tradition, and the others taking the form of slots featuring free spins, bonuses and prizes. Making a profit during your break is not a bad way to brighten and motivate your brain cells.

Alongside such pleasant distractions are more serious options. Brain-training apps are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to improve cognitive functions: memory, focus, creativity, problem-solving and many others. Peak and Elevate are two leading providers of fun and beneficial mini-games. In fact, the former has collaborated with neuroscientists from Cambridge University to design programs that can track your progress as you enhance your mental acuity. What better way to keep a mind calm and simultaneously awake?


Source: Pexels

Despite video games’ strong entertainment factor, physical activities surpass them as far as effective and healthy stress relief is concerned. A certain type, however, has been found to be better than most, but which can only be instantly enjoyed if one has the necessary component(s). Pets! Simply grabbing and cuddling your furry friend is scientifically proven to have a positive influence on your mental and social wellbeing. There are few things as break-worthy as a game of fetch or tug of war with your dog.

With or without technology, there are many ways to pause the revision blues and briefly remind you that there is more to the world than words and numbers. A mind that is treated with love and respect, as well as discipline, shows its gratitude through every intellectual achievement.