Social media has been overrun with Wordle over the last few months, but is all of it sounding like old news to you now? If you’re like me and need a little something more to keep you entertained, here are some fun Wordle alternatives to spice up your daily quizzing.


One for all the geography lovers out there, all you have to do is guess the country by its shape. Every time you guess it’ll show you how close you are to the country and what direction it is in.

Check out Worldle here.


In Heardle, players must guess the song from the intro in as few tries as possible. In my experience, this is best played with friends who have weird and wonderful music tastes.

Check out Heardle here.


Like Wordle but with numbers instead of letters, the aim is to find the hidden calculation that adds, subtracts, multiplies or divides to a certain number.

Check out Mathler here.


It’s Wordle but all the answers are NSFW!

Check out Lewdle here.


All the answers are anything and everything to do with Taylor Swift!

Check out Taylordle here.

Star Wordle

A Star Wars themed version of the game!

Check it out here.


You’re given a frame from a movie and only have six guesses to get it right.

Check out Framed here.