Do you are want to keep an ear to the ground on the latest celebrity gossip? Are you looking for a laugh? What about something to enthrall and intrigue? We’ve brought together a list of our favourite Irish podcasts from our country’s best creatives to keep you entertained. Give them a listen during your college commute or after a long day in the library!


This hilarious pop culture podcast brings an Irish perspective to the latest in showbiz. The Xposé original is presented by Holly Shortall and Conor Behan, whose bubbly personas are a big reason why this series has exploded over the past year.

As a rule, you won’t be too far in before you become a Shortall stan. Likewise, Behan’s razor sharp wit will have you laughing out loud as you tune in during your morning commute.

The latest episode showcases why Popsessed has become a hit with listeners eager for a serious nostalgia throwback. The pair harked back to 1999 to when Smash Hits ruled the roost and Gerri Halliwell split from the Spice Girls.

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The show comes out every Wednesday and you can give it a listen here.

The Creep Dive

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that we all long to uncover the weird, wonderful and downright disturbing aspects of human nature. Sophie White, Jen O’Dwyer and Cassie Delaney have all your creepier needs satisfied with their podcast The Creep Dive.

The hosts trawl behind our most bizarre headlines to unravel the even stranger backstories of the likes of GPO girl (an mute girl who was found on O’Connell street in 2013) and influencer turned con-artist Belle Gibson.

There is something for absolutely everyone in this podcast. It’s a great one to get stuck into after a long day in the library. Beyond being a nice distraction, you will learn some amazing things from all the twists and turns. So go ahead and dive into an episode here!

The Two Johnnies

This podcast brings the brilliant comedic minds of Johnny McMahon and Johnny B O’Brien. The result? An hours-worth of side-busting listening that showcases the versatility of the comedy duo. Having gained a following thanks to songs like “Could Have Been County”, the two lads have grown their audience with the podcast thanks to producer Maura Fay.

These lads get Irish humour to a down to t: it’s relatable without getting into cliches. There are star-studded guest features with the likes of Úna Healy and Rozanna Purcell that serve to remind us that they too are boggers like the rest of us. Likewise, there are always some absolutely blistering contributions from listeners.

Shiftin’, driftin’ and the boot cut short is all ahead of you. Not to mention ‘Noel’s News’! Tune into the lads here.

Molly’s Minutes

One of the youngest presenters on this list, Molly Parsons is the 22 year-old producer of Molly’s Minutes. Every episode centres on around a guest who talks about a topic of interest to them. Topics range from destigmatising sex, dealing with art college drama and sustainable fashion.

This is a really great podcast to keep up with the key issues for our generation without feeling talked down to. Additionally, there’s a feel-good factor with a lot of guests dealing with how to help your own self-esteem in different ways. Having struggled with an eating disorder, Parsons also has some key insights on how to love yourself in this digital age.

You can give it a listen on Spotify by clicking here.

An Irishman Abroad

Jarlath Regan’s interviews an eclectic mix of people from household to lesser-known names. The podcast is now in its 314th episode, which is a staggering achievement in itself. Nonetheless, Regan manages to keep each episode fresh with each guest bringing something different.

Comedian Aisling Bea, Rugby star Ian Madigan and actor Moe Dunford have all graced the the mic with Regan to talk about how they came to shape their respective industries. As well as that, you get a taste of the personal journeys each guest has been through to get to where they are.

This one is well-worth the hype and you will learn something invaluable from each guest. The conversation always reaches unexpected places, which is exactly what any good host aims to achieve.

Give it a listen here!