By Charlie Kendellen

With this year’s festival season quickly approaching, and booze prices rapidly increasing, it is best you start preparing for creative ways to get your money’s worth. Whether you want to drink away the stress of receiving your exam results, or you want to stay sober this festival season, here are a couple of fun yet creative drinking games to make the most out of your festival experience.

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1.     Beer Pong

A certified classic when it comes to drinking games, beer pong involves playing in teams, typically in twos, each team must take turns in throwing a ball into the other team’s cup. If the ball successfully lands into the cup, the opposing team must drink from the cup. If both teammates’ balls land in the cup, they get to shoot again. This game is a simple yet fun way of getting drunk quickly and effectively whilst improving your throwing skills… while under the influence (or not, if you choose to stay sober).

2.     Most Likely To

Another game that you’ve most definitely heard of by now is ‘most likely to.’ All players must gather and one player asks a ‘most likely to’ question. For example, “Who is most likely to go home first?” or “Who is most likely to drink too much?” The person who gets the most votes has to drink. This game is a must when playing with a big group of friends.

3.     Drink When…

This one is quite self explanatory yet perfect for the festival season. ‘Drink when’ entails drinking when someone or something happens that is very likely to happen. For example, drink when someone hops onto another person’s shoulders, or drink when you see someone with western style boots on. This is another essential drinking game that is fit for any music festival coming this summer.

While drinking during festival season is a great way to socialise with friends and meet new people, there is no underestimating the importance of safety when drinking in public and overcrowded environments. Please ensure you cover your drink and never leave it unattended, and don’t forget, there is safety in numbers. With all that being said, enjoy the festival season and take advantage of your student discounts with the ISIC card.

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