The Archie series is a beloved part of the comic book universe. The original love triangle, Archie, Betty and Veronica were the subject of many issues of the comic book.

It would go on to inspire the Betty and Veronica series and would lead to numerous revamps and interpretations of the comic. The original boy next door Archie Andrews was a heartthrob, his best friend and next door neighbour Betty Cooper was the all American girl next door. The tomboy/school sweetheart, fixing cars with her dad, pined over Archie and was always involved in his next adventure.

The Riverdale series, now being streamed on Netflix in association with the CW network, is a darker version of the Archie comics. It takes the characters that we know and love, and transforms them, humanises them, and gives a 21st century revamp that is long overdue.

K.J. Apa takes on the role of leading man as Archie Andrews, the New Zealander has grown to like his new red haired locks and embraced his role as the beloved teen heartthrob. In this version of the Archie universe, he finds himself intertwined in the murder case of fellow classmate and former football captain Jason Blossom. His murder leaves the town shaken and as the summer draws to a close a new beauty rolls into town, Veronica Lodge. Daughter of the former businessman, Heirum Lodge, now being imprisoned for fraud, she leaves New York with her mother and escapes to the town with pep, Riverdale. Immediately she catches Archie’s attention and thus the long triangle begins. Home from a summer internship in L.A, Betty wants to tell Archie how she feels, only to be interrupted by the entrance of the brunette beauty, Veronica.

cole sprouse and KJ apa

Just guys being dudes: Two totally natural poses from KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse.

Without giving too much away, what I can tell you about the series is this; it is dark, addictive, sultry, teen drama. The best way to describe the show is, Twin Peaks meets Gossip Girl, with a dash of Pretty Little Liars scandal. Other noteworthy characters include Jughead Jones, who in this version of Riverdale is writing his noir novel, based on the death of Jason Blossom and the story of how he died. Major revamps include a younger, hotter Miss Grundy, who’s a little too close for comfort with Archie. Fred Andrews is played by none other than Luke Brant, former 90210 star who was involved in his own on screen love triangle between Kelly and Brenda. Expect to see the darker side of the town with pep, in this highly sensational, goose bump inducing, at the edge of your seat, show.

It’s rare that revamps like these are able to reintroduce beloved characters to a whole new generation and audience. Props to the CW for doing their research, the show makes the transition from comic to TV that much easier to follow, particularly for those who have never read the comic books. If you’re looking for your next binge worthy series then look no further, Riverdale is released on Netflix Ireland every Friday, and if you haven’t seen the show yet, there are five episodes for you to tide you over until Friday.

Aileen O’Leary