The all-time student snack, we are so happy we have Apache Pizza on board for our goodie bag campaign!

This year, Apache is teaming up with us to ensure you all get the best deal on a slice of cheesy goodness. What would a weekend be, after all, without a cheeky meal deal?

The guys at Apache are offering an amazing €5 student meal deal to all you college-goers out there. You can redeem this unreal offer 7 days a week until 6pm.


You can redeem this offer after a particularly tough day at college, when only the melty goodness of a pizza will cure the blues.

Likewise, nothing cures the fear like the smell of a fresh pizza pie.

To get your hands on this amazing deal, all you have to do is get our goodie bag!

Find out when we are on a campus near you by following the link here.