You’ve done it. You’ve finally ticked off that one New Years resolution that you’ve had for the last seven years, and somehow managed to fool someone into being your bae. You’ve taken all of the cute Instagram pics, changed your relationship status on FaceBook, AND you’ve began to lose touch with most of your meaningful friendships. Go You! Happy F**king 2017.

Next on the agenda: What to Buy Boo For Christmas? Hashtag help! Hashtag Love! Hashtag, you’re probably too busy being so happily in love to think about what to give them.

We get it. We get you. We’ve got you. We wrote a piece. A yoke. A list … A list of gift ideas.

So if you want your partner to put up an Insta with the caption “The Boy/Girl did good” this Christmas, read on!


Ideas For Him


1) Electronic Fly Swatter

A truly practical gift, the special man in your life will get a SHOCK when he see’s what you have in store. Get yours now, because these are due to FLY off the shelves. We found this one for an amazing 6.69 at 



2) Personalized Pens

If your bae is anything like our imaginary bae, he keeps losing his pens. So silly and cute! So why not treat him to a packet of these elegant writing instruments by BIC, and personalize them by chewing the tops off them, or packaging them with your very own hair bobbin?



3. GPS Tracker

This gift is for those of you who may have a slightly bigger budget to work with, but it’s a special one. The GPS tracker enables you to locate your bae anytime, anywhere. See the exact location of your fella directly on your smartphone or in any browser. Who said romance is dead? As far as we can see, there hasn’t been one invented for boyfriend tracking yet, but you can get one designed for your pet (and improvise) here.



Ideas For Her

1) Fragrances

Let’s face it, your missus smells. Don’t have her dashing out the door anymore without her signature fragrance – stock up on a few bottles of that classic she loves. Fresh, feminine, and iconic, we recommend fabreeze.  At just 3 euro a pop, there’s no excuse not to.



2. Universal Remote Control

This one is always a handy gadget to have around the house – you can take the batteries out and give it to her so she feels like you’ve finally let her have the remote, AND it probably signifies how you feel in your relationship right now. Practical and poetic! Check out espares online for more.



3. Homemade Handbag

Girls LOVE handbags, and homemade personalized gifts – it’s science. That’s why this is the PERFECT present for your special lady. And it’s cheap, too!

What you need:

A Lidl/Aldi bag

A hape of stuff from the Arts& Crafts shop, feathers and the like

Some glue

Work away and wait for “The Boy Did Good” insta caption to come your way. You can thank us later!