As today is International Women’s Day here are the 7 most iconic and totally girl boss TV shows you need in your life, so kick off your shoes, put up your feet and get watching gals, cause these are some shows you won’t want to miss.

1. The Bold Type

If you haven’t already heard of it The Bold Type is about three millennials trying to find their way in the big apple, the world of publishing, friendships, relationships and of course friendships.

This show is truly one of a kind, think Sex And The City for the new millennial, although nothing can beat Sex And The City let’s be real, the show will return for a 3rd season which is set to air April 9th on Freeform.

2. Good Trouble

Fans of Maia Mitchell or The Fosters will love the brand new hit spinoff show Good Trouble.

The show follows Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) as they embark on their new adventure in Los Angeles the girls soon find out that the city of angels isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

The show was picked up for a second season back in February not long after the season premiere and honestly it’s not hard to see why, this show has girl power written all over it!

3. Grace And Frankie

If you haven’t heard of Grace And Frankie then you must be living under a rock! Grace And Frankie is one of the funniest, most inspiring and above all one of the most female powered Netflix Original’s so far to date.

Grace And Frankie follows the lives of Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) who decide to move in together after finding out that their husbands are gay and want to marry each other.

As the two women (both complete opposites) spend each day together they realise that they’re exactly what each other have been missing, and so the pair become lifelong friends, these two are goals.

4. Killing Eve

The award winning show Killing Eve starring Sandra Oh is a must, if you haven’t already watched it get it on girls.

The show follows Eve’s life as a spy who is bored and desk-bound, until she meets the captivating killer Villanelle who turns her life upside down.

The pair go head to head in a continuous chase as each become equally obsessed with one another as Eve is tasked with hunting down the psychopathic assassin. The second season is set to air on BBC America so hopefully it won’t be far behind here.

5. Big Little Lies

The hit HBO show follows the lives of Jane (Shailene Woodley), Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), and a tale of murder and mischief in the quiet beach town of Monterey, California.

The town is practically picture perfect from doting moms with stunning homes, to successful husbands and beautiful children, although behind this picture perfect image there is more than meets the eye and I can assure you, nothing is at it seems.

The second season has been confirmed and I predict that it will air sometime this summer.

6. Jane The Virgin

The ever so popular show follows the life of Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), who is accidentally artificially inseminated at the age of 23-years-old, oh and also she’s a virgin, in case you didn’t know.

Throughout the show we see a love triangle, heartache, living in America as an illegal immigrant and of course all the dramatics you could ever need, all of which is described by the hilarious narrator of the show.

The fifth and final season is set to air March 27th on the CW and honestly I cannot wait, be sure to check it out on Netflix while you’re waiting for the next season.

7. Sex And The City

And of course I saved the best for last, who could forget the show that started it all, Sex And The City, this show is truly iconic in every way.

Not only was it the first show to openly talk about sex in a real way and to break away from the classic sitcom it also looked at issues regarding sexuality, race and equality for all while still managing to remain both fabulous and giving us some serious outfit and friendship goals.

So there you have it, all the shows you could ever need in your life, so get watching and remember anything a man can do we can do better ladies!