Golf can be endlessly complicated and deceptively simple …’ How true is this statement? The truth is that you can learn the basics right on the first day and spend eternity honing finer points of the sport. If you allow it, blowing a birdie might ruin your weekend as well as rattle your confidence.

1) Get the Distance More Accurately With a Golf Rangefinder:

If you take your game of golf seriously and have a desire to get better at it, then owning a golf rangefinder is necessary. Actually, the gadget will prove to be as valuable as each of your clubs or even more valuable.

Using a rangefinder to its full potential saves you plenty of shots during a golf round. Additionally, the rangefinder serves in countless capacities just as a caddy would. That is a function that can’t be offered by any of the fourteen clubs you are allowed to utilize the by the USGA. With the changes in technology, you can find plenty of world-class gear in the market. By settling for the best golf rangefinder, you’ll be able to get rid of the guesswork for downhill or uphill shots.


The following are some of the reasons you should be in the market for the best golf rangefinder if you’re not an owner of one:

  • Helps in understanding angles
  • Helps in course management
  • Assists in distance control
  • Increase pace of play
  • Boosts your confidence

2) Properly Align Your Clubface:

The most common mistake many golfers make is improper alignment. Some align their both feet on the target. Others keep their shoulders parallel to their target. Another group aligns their all on the target. Which of them is right? Well, they’re all wrong!

The right way to align shots is to start by assessing your target right from behind the ball. By doing that, you’ll have a perspective of the whole hole. You’ll manage to aim right on where you need the ball to go.

Secondly, before making the actual stance, you need to set your clubface right behind the golf ball. Align it directly on the target. Of great importance to note is that you should do it before and after getting into your stance.

If you notice, PGA Tour players are great at aligning their club-head in this fashion. The next time you watch them play golf, you should pay attention to exactly how they go about it.

3) Always Choose The Right Club:

Some golfers choose their club based solely on length. They utilise shorter clubs on shorter holes and longer ones for longer holes. However, experienced players know and appreciate the fact that choosing the right club entails more than just that. It also involves things such as natural shot tendencies, hazards, and winds as well as whether hidden dangers lurk at the prime landing areas.

Most importantly, better players look at the kind of approach shot to follow. For instance, the hole might only be 365 yards long, but with an excellent drive, it leaves a prickly 70 – 80-yard approach. Who would want? The best play would be to use the best golf rangefinder to check your distances or completely refrain from awkward distances and then hit a three-wood, thus leaving a full wedge approach.

4) Always Avoid Changing Your Stance:

Instinctively, most people assume that they should change their stance based on the club. That shouldn’t be the case. When handling your full shots (not putts, chips or pitches), you must maintain a consistent stance. By doing that, you’ll be able to become a better ball striker.

Important note: That does not mean that you shouldn’t make minor adjustments regarding stance width, ball position, and spine angle. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t stand too far off over an iron from how you position yourself with a driver.

5) Always Play With The Wind And Not Against It:

A good number of golfers fret about playing golf in the wind. However, experienced and better players know how to utilize the wind to their advantage. For example, professional players know that regardless of the type of shot they play, whether it’s a fade or draw, the direction of the wind changes everything. Nonetheless, you must ensure you make the necessary adjustments for the wind to work for you, rather than hitting a shot against it.

Simply put, regardless of how big a draw or fade you’re able to hit, it’s highly likely that the wind will win always. Therefore, what should you do? The prudent thing to do is play with it. Rather than battling with the wind, you can choose to hit a drawing tee shot. The fact that you’re playing with the wind, the chances are high that your draw will turn out to be more pronounced.

6) Always Play For More Break And Not Less:

Ever heard of the common adage, ‘’It’s better to miss it on the hole’s pro side?’’ If you haven’t heard of these golf sayings before, here’s simply what they mean; experienced players understand that regardless of how well you may judge the break and speed of a putt if you always miss on the hole’s low side, you’ll never give yourself a real opportunity. Because golf balls never roll upwards naturally, provided you strike the putt from beneath the hole, your ball doesn’t have any chance of going in.

If you have a tendency of missing on the hole’s higher side often, your ball might find the hole once in a while. The most important thing is speed. With the right speed, even if you shoot a little high and for some break, the ball can slow down or begin to break to the hole although you might be a little off with the aim. Experienced players clearly understand this, and rather than missing on the hole’s lower side, they miss the higher side.

With that being said, the next time you’re practicing, you need to break putt into the right. Practicing on both holes is important. You should do so until your misses trend towards the hole’s pro side. Your goal should be to make more compared to what you miss but with right kind of misses.


The best part about the tips above is the fact that they are simple and quick to learn. As you practice them, you’re going turn your game completely around and eventually become a better player. Practice everything highlighted above and discover how professional you’ll become.

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