On the lead up to assignments and exams, the library is often filled with strange creatures from all walks of life. Here are 5 people you can easily spot in your college library. 

1. The Sleeper

This poor soul has been cramming since 3pm yesterday, yet they still haven’t done enough. They will eventually hit a huge caffeine crash and fall into a deep sleep, a real life sleeping beauty. They will disturb the whole the library with their snoring.

2. The Crier

Studying take up a lot on us. The crier is a common sight we see in the library, especially on the run-up to exams and assignments. We have all been the crier at least once. The lack of sleep and constant revision can make any student have a complete breakdown. Make sure you always have a stock of tissues with you.

3. The Muncher

This is probably the most common type of student you will see in the library. This specimen will often snack on the loudest food such as crisps, carrots, apples and rice krispie bars.  You will find yourself in a fit of rage over the loud munching noises coming from the other side of the room.

4. The Messer

Studying can drive some students insane. The Messer will try to distract everyone to get a laugh out of a few. They will also piss off those who are really trying to study. The Messer will often be with a group of friends who are almost, or if not, just as bad as The Messer.

5. The Person Who Actually Get Work Done

This person has a structured study plan and a different colour highlights for different subject. They are most likely to get the 1.1 out of everyone else due to their genuine effort. This person is pissed off by all of the above.

By Aoife Crilly